Oil and Ditch Magnets
Oil and Ditch Magnets

Oil and Ditch Magnets are tools designed to remove metallic debris from drilling mud. These magnetic tools can be used to capture the magnetic particles and hold them until they are removed from the mud stream. These magnets are particularly useful during milling operations, wash overs, and fishing jobs. They are useful in removing milling cuttings and other debris from muddy streams to reduce wear on nozzles. These tools can also reduce pollution from the surrounding areas due to the buildup harmful materials. Ditch Magnets on site offers the best place for all your oilfield needs.

The Ditch Magnet can be used to drill holes. It is a magnet specially designed to trap metal particles from drilling water. This magnet is made from high-quality stainless steel. It has extra-strong magnet elements to ensure maximum pick up capacity. It has a length 24 inches, removable handles, as well as safety wiper to ensure safety. A Ditch Magnet can save the day in oilfields.

A Ditch Magnet is a tool used to clean up the flow of drilling fluids. The magnetic particles in drilling fluids can affect the operation of instruments and equipment that come in contact with them. To protect the Shale Shaker screens, and to monitor for problems, a Ditch Magnet is installed in the fluid system. It is an essential piece of equipment that can be used in oil and gas operations regardless of industry.

Ditch Magnets are the efficient and affordable means of catching and retaining metal particles in a well's mud. Ditch magnets can be most effective when suspended by offline in a shaker outlet or mud trench. You should lose the DitchMagnet down and rinse the mud using a fresh or salt water hose, preferably after the milling. During this time, you should also rinse the magnet with the return cuttings to prevent any damage to it.

The Oil and Ditch Magnet is used in 36 directional drilling operations in America's land market. It can also be used in global markets, such as Canada, Argentina, and the Middle East. Its effectiveness was evaluated by comparing it to the predicted magnetic susceptibility values. The resulting biases are a direct result of the magnetic contaminations present in the mud. If the Ditch Magnet and oil are used in directional drilling operations, the rig will not lose its functionality.

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